LVF.LVX (L. Victoria Ferrer) is an Artist, Curator, and creator of the Magick line; apparel, apothecary, soaps, candles, and ritual kits. LVF.LVX is a “Minimalistic & Subcultured” brand and urban-cottage inspired boutique located in Stuart, FL that infuses the traditional and the contemporary.


LVF//LVX draws from first-hand psycho-social experience, projecting somberness and mystery through her art and photography in her observations of the world around her. Inspired by myths and exploration of occult study, she attributes her poetry to the embodiment of ancient gods. Her writings detail the polarization and her personal struggles with love and lust, life and death, truth and hiding.


LVF.LVX received her Master’s Degree from Brandeis University and her Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy with a minor in Ancient Greek and Roman Studies from Furman University where she studied Art, History and Religion in the Mediterranean. She is the Founder of Art in Suburbia, a thematic pop-up art gallery selectively curated on the basis of debated social topics to inspire conversation. Past exhibitions include THE FEMALE SPECTRUM: An Evolution of Feminism; VINTAGE- a look into America’s Golden Age; and MULTIFORMITY- an understanding of diversity. LVF//LVX was awarded a grant by the city of Waltham, MA in recognition of her innovation and outstanding community involvement.


LVF.LVX is also the face behind The Black Lodge, a subcultured experimental music and art nightclub (2011-2013) held in Greenville, SC that paid tribute to the works of local, as well as controversial or underground artists such as Charles Manson and Richard Kern. Her debut short film, Chest Hump-- a film noir that depicts a twist of the Adam and Eve, Book of Genesis story, was exhibited at the Miami Museum of Contemporary Art in 2003 and remains part of their permanent collection.





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